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Porcelaingres is a young company, and since 2003 we have been producing slabs in very high quality porcelain stoneware, in one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in Europe. We chose to establish our headquarters in Vetschau, Germany, where we have a cutting edge production plant guided by the principles of sustainability. Our company has a showroom in Berlin as well, at the Sarotti Höfe complex in the heart of Kreuzberg, an inspired and vibrant mix of workshops and offices, where various partners in architecture, business and art give life to an enduringly cutting edge creative process.
As affiliates of GranitiFiandre SpA, we rely on the technical skills and know-how of this Italian Group, a worldwide industry leader in the development of Large Slabs, 6 mm thick, that shift the focus to new formats that are distinctly superior to standard ones. Hence the inspiration for an Italian style with the highest German quality in terms of aesthetics and material technical perfection. The constant evolution of Porcelaingres can be experienced first hand in Italy as well, at the headquarters of the GranitiFiandre Group in Castellarano and the new FAB locations (in Castellarano, Berlin and Milan), where exhibition, training and hospitality come together in a real cauldron of ideas that Fiandre and Porcelaingres make available to their audience. The versatility of ceramic surfaces becomes manifest in a series of unique application solutions that become an integral part of home accessories for the office, kitchen, living room, bathroom and exterior.
Our goal is to ensure that we have the perfect solution, where colours, surfaces, formats and structures meet all your requirements. This is why Porcelaingres creates products with a high application potential, suited for all interiors, exteriors, ventilated façades, raised floors and home accessories. In order to achieve this, we exchange ideas with people—because this is the only way we can address the requirements and increasingly demanding challenges that arise from the world of architecture and interior design. Thanks to our constant dialogue with architects and designers at special workshops and meetings, we are able to continuously seize new ideas for research and development.
Our company philosophy has been clear from the start, with our careful selection of raw materials, efficient production and our attitude towards our clients, resources, employees and service vendors.